Weiners of Waterton – Waterton, AB

So, I realize that not many people will get the chance to travel to the northern part of Glacier National Park and into Alberta, Canada, but when you have an amazing little restaurant like Weiners, you gotta write about it!  With a winter population of 50 and a summer population of 2,500 Waterton is a beautiful town tucked into the mountains in Waterton Lakes National Park just north of Glacier National Park in Montana.  There are plenty of hikes to take and sights to see – all of which require sustenance along the way.  Weiner’s is the place to find it!

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With a small, simple menu and quick service, this tiny restaurant has tons of combinations of all beef hot dogs or homemade sausages to fill the void left by 5 miles of hiking.  I love the hashmarks cut into either before they’re grilled to order.  Oh, did I mention they’re baking their buns fresh all day long??  From a tame dog with mustard or a loaded spicy sausage topped with kimchi and spicy mayo you’ll be hard-pressed to eat the same thing twice!  We tried all sorts of combinations and not a single disappointment was had.

With the weiner selection comes the option of fresh cut fries or sweet potato fries.  They’re hot, crispy and delicious – my uncle said they were the best sweet potato fries he’s ever had!  Again, there’s a great variety of sauces available for dipping – homemade ketchup, spicy mayo, curry…the choices are endless and awesome!  Do yourself a favor and order both and plenty of dipping sauces, it’s totally worth it.

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I’m impressed with the quality and service of this small place in Waterton.  They’re passionate about food, have great service and do everything right in my opinion.  You can eat at a few small counters looking out the windows or take a seat in the cool air on one of many picnic tables out front.  There’s always a fire burning and you’ll never tire of the view.  They’re still building out their web presence, but you can find them on Facebook and  also basic information on their website at weinersofwaterton.com.