Great Northern Brewing Wild Huckleberry Wheat

One of the best parts of traveling is tasting local beers.  And when you’re in Montana in summer, huckleberry everything is available.  What a find to stumble on Great Northern’s Wild Huckleberry Wheat Lager!  I’ll admit, we bought it because my wife likes this genre of fruity wheat beers.  It’s didn’t take much to convince me though once I tried it!


Brewed in Whitefish, MT with pure glacier water, Great Northern brews some fantastic beers.  This light and refreshing lager is made with northwest hops and local huckleberry juice.  Now, while we thought huckleberries sounded exotic, they’re really just wild blueberries.  Nevertheless, they’re delicious in everything – including this beer.  Just a hint of hops gives some body not overwhelming the flavor.  You get a good dose of wheat, the perfume of huckleberries and a slightly sweet finish.  It’s fruity without being dessert-y, if you get my drift.  It’s only 4.7% ABV and proved to be a perfect after-hike sipper.

If you’re in the northwest or can find it locally, give this one a try.  It pairs well with chicken, fish, pasta, sunshine and fresh air!  These brewers hit a home run though.  Check out their website for more details and availability at