Full Sail Brewing – Session Lager

When we lived in the Twin Cities, we had all kinds of fantastic local beers.  We also took advantage of great distribution of beers from the northwest that don’t make it to Ohio.  One of my favorites was Session Lager from Full Sail Brewing.  From the throwback label to the chubby bottles, this beer had me from hello.


I know Session is a weird name for a beer considering it’s a genre, but let’s look past that.  The Session family is quite large now with varieties like Black, IPA, Wheat and Cream Ale.  The beer that started it all though was the red-labeled Lager.  It’s a great pilsner with a pedigree to match – it’s won more than 20 gold medals!  Imagine yourself on a hot day in the yard or at a summer clam bake, you want a cold refreshing beer to cool your palate and still taste like something.  Session is ridiculously light, but full of flavor.  You get great aroma from the start, rich malt in the middle and a crisp finish.  At 5.1% ABV, I don’t know why you’d drink any pedestrian “whatever light”.

Now, I nearly cried when they stopped distributing in Ohio.  However, I took full advantage of access while I was in Montana.  Ask your local merchant if it’s available or check out their website at fullsailbrewing.com.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find a dozen you can cover in ice and relish a warm summer afternoon – dig in!!


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